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Enterprise employs approximately 120 individuals. Each employee is trained specifically for the job that they will perform. There are always nuances that need to be observed for different spaces. For instance, those assigned to clean a manufacturing site will be schooled in the most appropriate methods and products for that venue which differ from those required to clean an office building or a residence. Enterprise pays attention to details such as traffic flow and work schedules that can impact a job when creating a Schedule of Services. Once a cleaner is on the job, the cleaner receives periodic evaluations to ensure their work meets Enterprise's and your high standards. We manage our cleaners so you don't have to.

Often times the cleaners are in a facility long after the office staff has gone home. Part of Enterprise Cleaning Corporation’s hiring process involves references and background checks. We are usually the only service that visits every square foot of your facility on a nightly basis. If a cleaning technician sees something out of the ordinary, they report it to Enterprise Cleaning Corporation management. All of our staff wear easy to identify uniforms and badges. This makes it very easy for your staff to identify ours.

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